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We can make a GOOD match.

We need expert help to solve this problem, but not for long! But who…and how can we find someone?
I’m bored! I have recognized expertise in areas that large and small businesses could utilize, and lots of free time, but how would I find ones that need my help?
LPSCOLG is a unique management consulting firm. We consider ourselves Matchmakers, connecting Subject-Matter Experts with organizations that need extraordinary skilled advisors for a short time.

Our consultants are mainly retired experts with skills obtained over decades. They have both the time and interest in using their vast expertise to help people and organizations solve perplexing problems.

Our clients are primarily small to medium sized organizations whose needs are generally short-term in scope and require special personnel skills for problem resolution in the areas of strategic business planning and operations, technical, financial and administration. They may possess in-house staff that is either unavailable to solve the problem or does not have the in-house capability for solving the problem at all. LCG helps clients confronted with urgent, time sensitive, unusual, and complex problems requiring outside expertise – at a reasonable fee.

The fee structure is simple. There is no sign up fees for potential Clients. There is no sign up fee for interested Consultants. Clients and Consultants negotiate terms directly and arrive at terms both parties find acceptable. If a MATCH takes place between companies and consultants, then the consultant sends LPSCOLG 10% of his fee. 

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